My forest is burnt to ashes
Grey flakes cake the once exuberant ground
The open skies cloud over in grief
My rivers are stagnant; making no sound
I sat amidst the undulating smoke
Crying in wordless bouts of despair
We knew your departure was coming
& no one heeded any of my prayers
I remain in this charred desolation
Stripped of any semblance of resilience
Broken & weeping with the parched earth
Even the sun diminished her brilliance

I was remembering your silky hands
How you used to wrap them tightly around mine
When I heard the winds etched with your voice
Through miraculous dunes of the divine
You said to plant my seeds in abundance
Nurture them lovingly in nourishing loam
You will be guardian of this forest
Protecting over, even when I must roam
You are every green blade of grass
Woven in every ring of the cedar trees
Landscaping my heart the will to survive
Because you live in every fiber of me


  • Laura

    My Dear Santi,

    Wow! say the least!
    A superb open-ended write with many interpretations...depending upon the reader! I’ve read it a few times. During my first read, it made me think of the California fires and the aftermath of rebuilding. Upon my second read, it made me think of in Adam & Eve! A thread of revival, regeneration, and continuation is woven throughout your magnificent poem! It was an absolutely delightful read!


    • Santita

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply, Laura! You are right on track with the second part relating to revival, regeneration. I enjoyed reading your interpretations of this, thank you very much!

    • Goldfinch60


      • Santita

        Thank you, Goldie :)

      • Michael Edwards

        A super read

        • Santita

          Thank you, Michael :)

        • orchidee

          A fine write Santita. You gone to ashes? You all in a heap? Gone to pieces?! So am I, being married to KP! heehee.

          • Santita

            hahaha you make me laugh
            Tell KP to sweep your heap up in a swoony frenzy :)

          • dusk arising

            Oh my heart weeps, i remember your sapling self when i carried your satchel home to the woods. And later when a different kind of fire took you root and branch.
            Henceforth i shall cherish your charcoal remains and weep stinging sooty tears every springtime when saplings spring into leaf.

            • Santita

              Thank you for this wonderfully poetic reply. I think it went far with the metaphor, but this was a personal one so it just came to me this way. Hope you liked it anyway.

            • Neville

              whilst open to various interpretation, one can not deny the impact these words first have, regardless of those interpretations..... Neville

              • Santita

                Thank you so much, Neville. Always grateful for your visits.

                • Neville

                  always like making em.... N

                • Diamond

                  "When I heard the winds etched with your voice"
                  Beautiful line.
                  Wonderfully spun words with an enigmatic depth of love and endearment. A bonding within the bloodline. Excellent write.

                  • Santita

                    Thank you, Sis, I am appreciative of your words always

                  • Scrambled Letters

                    Tugs at these little heartstrings

                    • Santita

                      Thanks, SL, it was a heartbreak for me. Grateful for your visits!

                    • sylviasearcher

                      This has such depth to it and is so beautifully poignant, I can't help but almost feel an inner awakening and hope from the ashes of the burnt forest to the fibre with lives inside.

                      You are an amazing poet 💜

                      • Santita

                        This one was capturing my feeling of utter desolation at the loss of a loved one, and then sort of an awakening in nature. You always find the deeper meaning woven between the words, and I so appreciate that. Thank you, lovely💜

                        • sylviasearcher

                          Your poems are treasures I never tire of discovering 🌟

                        • tepo

                          I've never been good at interpreting writes
                          So I hope I've got this wrong
                          I read it as a tribute to the passing of a loved one
                          Even felt your pain
                          Probably way off
                          In this case I hope so
                          As has been said
                          Tremendous writing

                          • Santita

                            You interpreted correctly, Stevie. You usually do with my writing though. It was a tribute I had not done, and came to me the other day. All is okay. Thank you as always

                          • ANGELA & BRIAN

                            GRACIAS SANTITA ~ Por una Poema muy emotional ! In my experience FiRE is decimating & devastating ~ and it is A GOOD ANAOLGY for the effects of the fires of Death ~ Doubt ~ Betrayal ~ Infidelity have on our lives ~ leaving us BURNT OUT !
                            I like your second verse which describes how the scarred landscape ~ in time ~ recovers and lots of understanding & TLC can also help us to recover emotionally ~ AMEN ! Please visit our site ~ some new Poems & Fusions ! Abrazos y Besos ~
                            Love & Blessings BRIAN y ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

                            • Santita

                              Thank you for this thought-out reply. You always take the time to share what you get out of a poem, and I appreciate that! *besos y abrazos*

                            • whisperingquill

                              Divine 🌟🌟🌟💫
                              Nothing else can suffice

                              • Santita

                                Thanks so much, WQ. Again happy to see you around, and grateful for your visit, my friend!

                              • Angela1711

                                I read this over and over again. Your writing skills are incredible. I really enjoyed it. Much love :)

                                • Santita

                                  Thank you so much for reading and your lovely reply ❤

                                • ron parrish aka wordman

                                  a new year,new beginnings
                                  merry christmas

                                  • Santita

                                    Thank you, Ron, Happy New Year!

                                  • Tristan Robert Lange

                                    Wow! Santita! This is hauntingly beautiful. So much to love about this: “No one heeded my prayers”, totally relate. “I remain in this charred desolation.” Yesss! Been there. “Landscaping my heart the will to survive.” Beautifully, honestly written! A masterful poem, with vivd imagery that pierces the soul that reads it! Well done!

                                    • Santita

                                      Thank you, Tristan! Happy to see you!

                                      • Tristan Robert Lange

                                        You're welcome! Always good to see you too!

                                      • Johnny Lawless

                                        A bit of melancholy transitioning to hope.

                                        I have read thousands upon thousands of poems. I must say, yours are fucking amazing!

                                        • Santita

                                          You are way too generous with your comments, but I truly appreciate them. Thank you, my friend :)

                                        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

                                          Wow this awesome poem is one of your masterpieces isn't it? Is it about a loved one's passing? The metaphor is impressive, I ESP like the roaming on moving on line. Kudos.

                                          Nice to read from u again,
                                          Pleez do review/comment my newest poem too . Best wishes,

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