If I Ever Die

Christina K

If I ever die 


please don’t be alarmed or cry,

or shocked with the corpse you see.

Know that I’m at peace with God

and I’m held tight in his arms.

That I’m free from earthly suffering

and safe from this world’s harm.

If I ever die

looking mangled or diseased,

don’t turn your face from mine

or be scared at what you see.

If my body is contorted

or covered all in blood,

don’t pity my pain or death,

just know I’m in the presence of His Love.

If I ever die

in a way that is unknown,

Don’t sit around and wonder why

I didn’t stay at home.

My life was filled with travesties

and treasures in and out.

I’ve leveled up to better things 

much more fun to think about.

If I ever die,

please remember my whole life.

Focus on the good and fun

but don’t forget the days of strife.

For my life has been the deepest 

point in an endless, troubled sea

and I’ve often wondered if being born

is worth it or would I be

better off not seeing light

and feeling suffering inside?

I guess it doesn’t really matter

If I ever die.

  • Author: Christina K (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 10th, 2018 19:06
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Lorna

    I've always held a quiet thought that Death would be a best friend eventually......... nothing to be scared of.

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