Brittany Jo


There was a time with folded hands I bowed my head and prayed,

A Godly girl with innocence who read her scriptures daily

Life’s trials and tribulations resulting in a faith that’s since decayed

no meaning left in the hymns I used to sing so gaily


Some say I’ll be sorry for this religion I’ve betrayed

for doubting the existence of an almighty God

What fuels your faith, tell me, is it you’re afraid?

of the nothingness and blackness six feet below the sod


Though I no longer live my life by a Divine Command,

and no longer am I convinced by the church’s guile

To those God-fearing I can understand,

perhaps the comfort it offers in our goodbye that’s final



  • Netashi

    Very nicely written poem i fine write about religion and retiring from it and wondering why or the reason people believe. Personally I don't believe in god, never had but i still go church to keep my mom happy but religion does seem like some wishful thinking but if these things existed i think me and me colleagues would go to hell if i'm being perfectly honest because of their "rules".

    • Brittany Jo

      Guess we never really know til we “know”!

      • Netashi

        Indeed I'm more curious/excited then scared

      • Burning Crow

        Interesting piece, religion can be a very beautiful or a very dangerous thing, and can be used as a tool for dictatorship which destroys any beauty it may if had to begin with.

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