you said you loved me, and we could get married. then you pulled some stupid shit, and left me hanging. you came back like "baby, I'm sorry" and every time I turned around I accepted the apology.

I drank in the abuse
you gave knowing
your atrium was a recluse
a plethora of clues
flew as confused contusions
toppling the pedestal
I erected you upon,
your razorblade kisses
quenched my blind passion
your dagger tongue whiplashed
my ecumenical sentimental syntax
I was sprung like a martyred greenhorn
reaping and craving your beautiful scorn.

Over and over..again and again..they keep on resurfacing to devour all the eligible men..
something inside us must think that it's chivalry, as if they really still care..and we never become aware until we are trapped..captivated by their games..love is a beast that never tames
after all is said and done and we think they won't return, their memory lingers around because they still love it when they can burn you from afar..
who is it that sent these bastards, who the hell do they think that they are?

Let me sip from your vat of fears
as I drift into your fractured umbra
these vines of dying amor are a
blessed asphyxiation for I am a
burden to myself for drying away
the acidic tears that crippled your sun.

burns are red, bruises are blue, you use to beat me black and blue. your anger was red, my depression was blue, you kept saying "baby trust me, please, I love you" blood is red, veins are blue, everything I see reminds me of you. roses are red, violets are blue, they lie on my grave with a note just for you. "im dead because I loved you"

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