That night I just fell out love with you

And you probably wondering why I fell out of love with you because I

because I

because I fell for someone else new

I fell for someone else  I fell for Someone else

Someone else

Someone else  

Don't cry

Don't waste no more time

Move on

It does not matter what you do or say

nothing going to make me change my mind on how I feel right now

Probably wondering how I fell out  of love

It's hard to explain It's just happened

And there no need to give details on when where how

It's just happened just move on

Just move on

I 'am in love

I 'am in love

This feeling I feel

I don't want to let it  go

Can't explain it

There no need to go into detail on

When Where How

Just move on

I'am in love with someone else  


By Shaniki Smith

December 12, 2018


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