A Rhyme for These Times

Vanity’s insanity

Induced by profanity,

Fulfilling all your fantasy

Through a social galaxy

Superhuman wannabe

Mirror induced anxiety

“I look like this naturally”

I don’t even wanna see

How to be

Measure me

Trotted vogue casualty

Cameras don’t know honesty

Cover up is a strategy

All that sells is nudity

Get it for free

Download an app and see

Give it a like and be

Satisfied through the feed


  • Poeticpayne

    It speaks to me!

    'Satisfied through the feed' is a life goal for some.... : (

    Nice write.

    • MaddieJ

      Yeah it was mine for a short time until I woke up from the "matrix" and realized what a lie it is. Thanks for the comments! Sending a friend request!

    • Debsspot

      A great narrative of modern life.

      • MaddieJ

        Thank you!

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Great and truthful!
        Our society heading full throttle towards

        • MaddieJ

          I wouldn't say idoicracy, it's more like blind ambition. They don't know what is beyond the fame and the likes on their pages. It's such a rich world that we live in, and many don't take it for its worth. Thanks for the read and the comment!

        • Bookworm

          I absolutely love this poem. It so accurately describes what it's like to live in today's society.

          • MaddieJ

            Thank you very much! I am glad to have been read. I think that the problem is that society is sucked into the whole social media thing, and they ignore the quite rich experience of a real social life. It's also a vehicle for self consciousness and comparison which is where the feelings came for me in writing this.

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