It was misleading,

at least,

to a naïve lad

like myself.


You hope a brewery

named South Park will be

blasting Isaac Hayes

& worrying about

Canadian invastions.


It’s disheartening

to have cartoon fantasies 

shattered cruelly 

by simple reality.


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Super COOL just like YOU

    Respect my Authoritah


    • fuche_bu

      thank you, glad if anyone respects my authoritah


      A great fun one! Comment & reply too.

      I live in Colorado and that there brewery must be new. I make an extra effort to hit em all. Haven't been to South Park in years except through that crazy cartoon. I'm super cereal!

      • fuche_bu

        It's a nice place--good beer and a decent burrito. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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