I recall laughter, flowers & midnight summer walks

Hand in hand without a care in the world

I knew you’d leave me soon but I held onto the moments we shared

I clung to the promise you made, that you’d come back for me


I remember smiles, poetry & chasing clouds in the sun

Arm in arm nothing could break our bond

I knew you had to leave for foreign shores but knew you’d be back

I held onto the promise you whispered, that you’d return one day


You passed through my heart briefly & left your footprints behind

But now as I trace those footprints, your heart I cannot find

I fear that I may never find you, so now I plead & pray for a sign

For now those footprints fill with tears as my heart begins to decline


I sit now so many moons later, watching out across the raging sea

Did you forget me, did you lose your way or did you find another

I still hang on to those precious moments we had & recall them all

I see your face as clear as day, but I don’t see you returning to me


I stand now at the edge of the cliff where we had our first kiss

I followed the route from the field where many feet have made a path

I pretended they were your footsteps, leading me back to your heart

But now as clear as day, I know you will never step foot upon this shore


So I shall take one step

One footstep off this shore

You promised to protect me

So hold out your arms to catch me

I still believe in you…


© 2016 Unsub


  • Laura


    This write doesn’t need superlatives. It would be redundant to say how superb it is because any piece you write is stupendous...no matter the subject!

    This poem has touched me in a very special way...

    • the loss of an uncle/father to another continent
    • the loss of a partner who left this earth a long time ago.

    Your poem has reminded me of the joy and the sadness of both of my losses!

    Thank you for sharing!

    As always...


    • Unsub


      I can't agree any piece I write is stupendous but I appreciate the sentiment.

      Glad you enjoyed though!


    • kevin browne

      I think she needs to be on the first bus back in to your arms. Another gem added to your brilliance.

      • Unsub


        thanks for the read & comment my friend.


      • Goldfinch60


        Words (almost) fail me. I believe that this is possibly the best poem that you have written, the beauty of the words pulled me right into it.

        With words like these she will be there for you and that one more step that you take will take you straight back into her arms.

        I don't do this very often but this will go into my favourites, it will be the second of yours in there.


        • Unsub


          words fail you? It's a miracle! LOL!

          Possibly the best I've written? Wow!

          You putting this into your favourites has made my day!

          Thanks my friend,


        • orchidee

          A fine write Unsub.

          • Unsub


            a fine comment.


          • sylviasearcher

            Aww, I really like the longingtendetness of this one even though it is sad.

            As I read it you gave words to the thoughts I have for love that is lost.

            Good to see you return with your beautiful words.


            • Unsub


              glad you were pleased to see my words return.


              • sylviasearcher

                Sorry I see I expressed it with a typo! 😳

              • LIGHT WARRIOR

                Beautiful work...brought tears to my eyes..not of sorrow,..of something much more immense...loved it..nice to see you back..

                • Unsub


                  sorry for the tears!


                  • LIGHT WARRIOR

                    No...if somepones work can bring me to tears, that says something great about your talent...it was a beautiful piece

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