Seismic Activity


Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

I must have been in a deep restful sleep two days ago..

It just dawned on me why I overheard the old ladies at work carrying on about Nevada being number three in seismic activity

Sitting here with three other people talking as they retreat here from the bitter Winter chill of late December

Talking about all the crazy shit that they remember from their past

I have just sat here listening

Wondering what it is I am supposed to take on and otherwise

Something that they harbor looks for reasons to despise if it's my job to take care of them like my children

I denied the one that I met in the laundry room just earlier last night the right to use my tiny abode to store all her belongings

I have been there, done that way too many times..

In fact, I'm already storing three other people's shit right now..

Its beginning to look like a shelter in here, which I suppose is not a huge ordeal..

I just refuse to be associated with anyone else's drama

I am done with that version of me

I am trying desperately to get ahead so that I can buy a car, travel, expand...

I am not ever again going to just hand over anything that I become without myself unless they can open up and truly be a part of me for real..

Not some lazy bastard just here to steal my soul

The after shock hit and I saw physically what seismic activity can do

The energies have been criss -crossing the paths of the spirits all night long

I just don't have the strength to worry about what is right or wrong with anybody else right now

They need to learn how to fend for themselves as I have had no other choice but to do myself so many times before..

As I think I have mastered somewhat finally now..

It is past the time for them to all move up out of my way and let me breathe my own air 

I have been made aware through seismic activity occurring when I was within my deepest dreams..

So, all that I have to say to them is to do some deeper dreaming....



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  • Published: December 20th, 2018 09:24
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