On the real lemme tell you how i feel
Let my mind unravel I got some shit to reveal
I feel pain, I feel sadness, I feel madness,I feel passion
It just happens, I feel happy, i laugh and enjoy
You ain’t alone this world it creates a lot of noise
Just keep ya poise
We all different, put in different positions gotta learn to find the best in it
My vision up to the sky And I ask myself why
Why here? Why now?
I get timid for a minute but I know I gotta be proud


  • Simon Bromley

    Very meaningful and straight to the point. 'You ain't alone in this world it creates a lot of noise' very clever verse. well done.

  • A.H. Browning

    I learn my position every day and try to do my best. Thank you for your writing. Merry Christmas.

    • asrealastheycome

      We all do, Merry Christmas to you as well

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