I am the reason for my hapiness!

I was a broken piece who needed a help and guidance to get through this mess, My love was judged no one believed how I felt, this pain that crawled inside me, intoxicated my brain, I believed I was worthless, worse even useless, then this thought arises in my brain, whatever happened, happened for a reason, now look at the sky and see your reflection, that’s you right there my strong queen said my heart to my brain, it then occurred to me that I don’t need to listen to others, but myself, to see the world in a positive way and to know that sky is the limit! 


  • Simon Bromley

    Positive words in truth sometimes we can only count on ourselves. However there are some good people still who will prop you up and support you all the way.

    • Red

      Yep you are right! Indeed there are good people out there, I guess good things come to people who wait.

    • AmandaJade

      Finding beauty within yourself is the first step to amplifying the beauty you see in everything else! You go Red!!

      • Red


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