The Songbird and the Mockingbird

How many songs must the lonely songbird sing

Before some hawk comes by and sweeps it out the sky

Maybe it waited too long or maybe sung the wrong songs

Well there's so many songs and only so much time


How many nights am I gonna have trouble sleeping

Thinking of you like all those nights ago

How unexpectedly that old feeling comes creeping

Back into my heart like a broken arrow


How hard must the mockingbird strain its weary voice

It can sound like so many things but cannot sing

It has no real songs; all it has is noise

And noise is such a dispensable thing


Another Christmas is coming around and I won't be in town

There'll be no rest here for the end of the year

And there's not much to do to keep from feeling blue

But I wouldn't be home anyway of I didn't come home to you


I must admit that I probably should be well moved-on

The time we had together wasn't all that much anyway

But I can't help but drift when I hear certain songs

The songbird and the mockingbird have all I've got to say

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