Johnny Lawless

Waiting for the Door

Looking for a resolution 

Mystics, philosophers and poets

Ponder our perplexities

Searching through the possibilities

For a key to the unanswerable

For a concept to give clarity 

Something to give comfort 

Something to resolve this mystery 


Our lives run a mercurial path

Our souls swirl in ripples of time

Everything on Earth flowing 

Flowing with the course of nature 

Bound by fundamental principles 

Guided by governing properties 

The intrinsic foundation of life


The ember glows and dissipates 

Light gradually transforms

Stillness and dark prevail

Cold and silence remain

Dust blows away

The door opens

The answer 

Is clear



  • Goldfinch60

    Every door that opens in our lives leads us on a new journey of experience that will let light into our lives.

    • Johnny Lawless

      There might be a final door that we reach in the afterlife. It could be after many reincarnations. Hopefully there is an answer behind it. Some believe there will be absolutely nothing after our lives here. I am open to all beliefs.

    • orchidee

      A fine write L.

      • Johnny Lawless

        Thanks O.G.P.

        Hope this one didn't make you swoon too much. I kept the syllables at 5 and under!

      • Diamond

        Magnificent write Lawless!
        The answer is clear, irony is that one no longer seeks the answer.

        Seeking the answer is of the knowing. Unknowable remains unknowable for knowing and beyond that, one IS that.

        • Johnny Lawless

          Thanx D.

          My son, who is also a poet, and I, discuss such matters. He steers more towards the multidimensional theories; I prefer mysticism. We both are borderline agnostics. There seems to be no definite explanation for the afterlife for us.

          If only Houdini would've contacted his wife after his death, like he said he'd attempt, maybe then we'd have a concrete answer.

          • Diamond

            Whatever anyone says is truth is only one's exploration of the infinite possibilities of that which is Unknown. One has to realize it by/for oneself.
            And such is beyond all logic, reason, proof, knowledge and analysis etc.,

          • OUTBACK


            • Johnny Lawless

              I have no faith in humanity's concepts. Let me ask my 3,245 year old Jedi dog what the real deal is. I need to learn her incredibly complex language first!

            • OUTBACK

              UPON " SLEEP " MY ANSWER* ( IS )* .

              • Johnny Lawless

                "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."


                • OUTBACK

                  HE'S - ( DEAD )* SO* -- YES* - I - TRUST* - THAT* - STATEMENT* ! & I SHALL BE COMPILING* - YOU* - [ MY LIFE on IMPACT ]*- CD* & GETING IT TO YOU - ASAP* !

                • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet


                  Lawless, this is an excellent write and each line forces the reader to ponder what you've stated.

                  Each word in every verse is woven into the next, like a fine mosaic.

                  This is one of your best poems to date and I love it. Great job! :)

                  • Johnny Lawless

                    Thanks again for your support.

                    I'm happy with how this turned out (which is rare). The progression of each stanza seems to work well. Thought to life to death.

                    Poetry is a lot of fun, sometimes we get too serious about it. I do enjoy mixing it up with ones like this and silly stuff.

                    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                      Well you have done a great job. I'm probably too rigid with respect to my poetry, so instead, I'll just read yours. :-)

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