Piece of Me

A little, tiny piece of me

However slight and stifled

Wanted to watch us burn

Crumble, burst, and tumble

Until the ground soaked us up

And our ashes fed the weeds


I would burn too, I knew this

I would implode entirely 

Along with every forehead kiss

And all those sun-touched memories


But the grand fire might burn the lies

The pain, and wasted tears

The heartache tainting the memories

And the darkness, shame, and fear


I could never strike the match

Not I, a sentimental coward

Though my hands kept a tight latch

On my imaginary power


But a tiny little piece of me

Thought it might not be the worst

Should our crumbling empire be set ablaze

Leaving slivers of hearts and dust

And in a deep corner of my mind, there remained

That little, tiny piece of me 


  • Joanna Garrido

    Good write. Don’t do it 😏

  • Burning Crow

    Great write excellent choice of words.

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you, I appreciate the feedback !

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