Hippocratic Oath

You swore not to hurt me 
Your words the anesthesia 
That numbed the pain 
While your workers 
Slowly chipped away
At every wall I had 

You sat behind my head
Whispering dreams 
That loosened the mortar 
The walls fell faster 
My synapses fired rapidly 
Memories created instantly 

My walls were fortified though
Thicker and harder than you planned 
So your voice grew stronger 
From encouragement, to direction 
Eventually dictation - “you will”... 
Believe whatever I say, because it’s the truth 

The final structures fell hard 
Complete destruction during the collapse 
No material left to rebuild 
A complete loss 
Decades of building 
Gone in an plume of poisoned dust 

Your crystal ball became a reality 
You could see it now for yourself 
Fully exposed, the one entity never clear 
My heart, there in its' full glory 
Its' beat strong and intimidating 
You knew why, it beat for you 

Like a squall in the middle of an Atlantic night
It hit you, you couldn’t handle it 
So you ran, no thought of your promise 
In your trail you left your whispers 
Your anesthesia ripped from me 
And there I laid...

Fully awake and conscious 
My chest held open with a rusty tool 
The pain almost imaginary 
The physical agony - just that 
But I looked for you 
It would be ok, you would be there 

You swore never to hurt me
I gave myself to you, all of me 
Everything I had to offer
The best and worst of me
And you just wanted to see
What I had inside 

You unwrapped me 
And threw away the gift 

Left me on a table 
Watching my own heart 

Die in front 
Of my own eyes

I want to hate you 
But I can’t 

I just wish, the whispers 
Had been real 

That heart could have pumped 
For the two of us

 - forever and always 


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Great poem!
    regardless of the sad undertone is the fact that forgiveness was granted not every one is willing to go that route.

    • TrystanBehm

      Hi Claudelle,

      Thank you so much for the comment. Forgiveness is still a work in progress, but hate couldn't happen. I just wished for another outcome. Glad you enjoyed it...

    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

      Very nice work..I can relate to this poem very brought tears to my eyes, and if it can do that to me, its good stuff...take care...

      • TrystanBehm

        Hi Jason,

        Wow, what a reaction. I can tell you, the tears that fell in real life were immense, but the tears that fell while writing it, were about as cathartic as it could get. Hopefully for you it didn't open old wounds, but helped them mend....

        • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

 was very very well written..thank you for sharing it

        • Laura


          Wow 😲

          An interesting title to begin with and the content is phenomenal because it awakened a sleeping giant within me!
          That is a good thing!
          A reminder of what we can be ... and what we actually are! The choice is ours to make.

          “You swore not to hurt me
          Your words the anesthesia...”

          We’re anesthetized for the moment...

          “Complete destruction during the

          With a strong and solid foundation, the rebuilding will happen and astound you!

          “The heart could have pumped
          For the two of us
          -forever and always”

          It could have, but it wasn’t meant to be.

          “I want to hate you
          But I can’t”...

          ...because that is NOT you...
          the forgiving, honorable man whose huge heart will never die.

          You ARE the living heart and soul of your world!

          Along with a few tears, this exceptional poem has touched my heart and soul!

          Thank you for sharing and letting me see a bit of you!


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