Joseph M Marion

Strength Most Don't See

So Strong Most Don’t See

Most men and family and friends underestimate just how strong women are and never see there true strength . It’s an incredible mixture for true gentleness mixed with strength that most don’t see or acknowledge . They can bare a child birth and not just one but at times multiple and still hold there own and through the pain they can still regain and hold and love there child , they can multitask for hours and still find strength to make sure her loved ones are secure as she puts her self last , she can do all the chores and still look incredible still no one notices and even as her body hurts and swells, with tears in her eyes she can shake off the issues and push forwards to finish the day with a smile and no one see . She can go to all the functions family need to do smile even if she’s blue just to make her family happy and no one notices, she puts her loved ones first and her self last and no one see , she makes sure the house is clean her family’s comfort first and not even a thank you or looks great but she finds the strength to do it day after day without hesitation or rewards , she can work a job 8 hours a day and still as tired she is do everything just because she places her family first and she’s the last to be in bed while the rest of us are fast as sleep to rest our weary heads . She can assist any family member with anything even if she’s not sure what to do because the finishing and comfort to her family comes first, she can even in times of great fear find strength most don’t dare t go near but some how she can save the day and not even a wow or thank you . So next time you watch your mom ,wife, girlfriend, or lady tell her good job and thank you it looks great just simple words is worth more to her than all the Gold in the world watch the smile come alive from inside ,she is humble and loving has a magnitude of ability most never acknowledge or see next time watch her she is amazing graceful tell her you love her and give her a hug and for once make her first .


  • Joseph M Marion

    I am definitely very unique I think outside the box I see life love and all living things differently than most most go throughout your day not even realizing that the very thing we rely upon most never had a vacation it's never gone away but yet we overlooked it, thank you for reading my poems in my work my inspiration is my family my God is the guide of my hand it doesn't come from my head it comes from my heart try to write in three dimensions did your work is fantastic thank you for allowing me to read it

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