January 1st


its 2019 I was born 1997

im not rich beyond my dreams I’m not buying into the fake shit people sellin. 

I’m headed some where in life but it feels like the wrong direction. 

I don’t have a woman but I show to everybody my affection.

And I’m alone now but I hope not to be alone forever.

but I’m no where near ready to be anyone’s ever.

im not going anywhere and I’m going fast. 

I used to dream of a future but my future swiftly becoming my past.

I guess I will be forgotten 

not just by others 

I’m losing myself I’m the monster I used hide from underneath my covers.

I never wanted to settle 

I never want to give up but my thoughts of ending my own life are driving me mental. 

January 1st and I’m at my worst 

drink and drink to run away from this earth 

some say I’m addicted others say it’s a family curse..

What do you want from me what do I want for myself.

i value laughter and good times more than I value wealth. 

I poison my body more than I look out for my own health.

moon light to sun rise 

to birds singing to the babies cries 

a blue world with gray skies. 

What do you want from me ? 

jan 1st 2019

  • Author: Dakota (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 1st, 2019 10:59
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  • Black Walker

    This is relatable to a level and it is strikingly honest. I hope this year brings you tons of happiness, comfort, memories, peace, content and that all your wishes come true ✨

    • Dakota

      Thank you I hope for that to you as well.

    • TheStrongInHeart

      Strikingly honest and powerful!

      • Dakota

        Thank you ✊🏽✊🏽

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