Ominous Foreboding Augurs...

Innocuously incubated kindled

imperceptible dire strait

restlessness like tinder

with pinterest Deutsche agitate

barreling like a freight

train running so much

faster than an eight

track uber twittering,

rumbling, quickening and inculcate

dissension among dissolute

rabble rousers, who

do obediently initiate

rank and file will not abate,

boot re:reed out (bus) soon,

thence coalesces into ablegate

insidious encroachments

no longer patiently await...

ideal conditions to hatch

schism within parched

soil perfect for hate

mongers of democracy

breeds anarchy to facilitate

chaos, which quickly spreads

like kudzu, or wildfire Arson

Welles immediately forcing leader

of free world to abnegate,

(heard to trumpet "FORGET

THE WALL" mate),

(despite being caught in his

pink frilly underwear), to late

for Mar a Lago escape, where

formerly great wealth did

pool lightly coagulate

elite class heard faint stir of echoes,

then earsplitting clangorous louder

than an ICBM din (er bell)

rent asunder forcing

freedom of "FAKE

MEDIA" to abdicate

all the while pointing beringed

index finger to accentuate

his Taj Mahal ululation

interspersed veni, vedi,

veci stopping for spate

to coif (died in the will)

hirsute and aerate

said wind swept hairdo

pausing every now and again to snap

selfie portraits, plus

instagram loved ones to alleviate

that pompous, outsize,

and humongous ego fast deflate

ting into a shriveled up POTUS

float hissing boilerplate

hot airy premature ejaculations,

he would not capitulate

(sooner be rocketed

to Pyongyang and cell bate

good times with Kim

Jong-un to emasculate!

I now absolve myself

that aforementioned jest,

a tongue in cheek diatribe belies

my means to predict any forecast,

yet if any resemblance

of chance events

materializes between

my pablum childishness at best

there could arise fruitful market

for kitsch sheen collectors items

high as Mount Everest!



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