Heather Harrisson

The obvious problem did not occur,
As she removed her clothing,
Stripping down to swimsuit,
Which she had been concealing.
Smiling to herself, 
She exited the room,
Walking so as not to slip,
Heading for the pool.

She waved when she spotted,
The one she was looking for,
Standing by the deep end,
She felt excitement in her core.
He smiled when he saw her,
Waving eagerly back,
Wolf whistling with a smirk,
She greeted him with a smack.

They swam around in circles,
Splashing here and there,
Ducking, diving, silly things,
Till no more could she bear.
When time was finally up,
They parted ways again,
Heading to the changing rooms,
Locker keys on chain.

She fumbled with her bag,
Pulling it from the hole,
Heading to a smaller room,
To dress behind the wall.
Only now she saw her mistake 
The problem she forgot 
She hadn't brought her underwear,
Her face exploded hot.

Well now what was she meant to do,
She couldn't yet get dressed,
And how could she face her man,
Looking such a mess.
She felt like crying out in rage,
In anger at herself,
Inspecting all that she had brought,
Placing them on the shelf.

Her jeans and top were fine,
She had socks and shoes too,
But bra and knickers were nowhere,
She couldn't believe it was true.
She shook herself slightly,
She could figure this out,
There must be something she could do,
She wouldn't sit and pout.

She delved into her handbag,
Which must provide a clue,
Pulling out each item,
In the hope that it would do.
She found a scarf and tissues,
A pad, some sellotape,
A crumpled box of plasters,
Her heart sank at her fate.

Resigning herself to the truth,
She set to work below,
Tying the scarf around her waist,
The work went quite slow.
She tied the scarf on tightly,
Adding the pad for support,
Pulling her jeans over the top,
It could have been an Olympic sport.

Now how about upstairs?
She frowned at what was left.
The tissues, sellotape and plasters,
Hardly what she'd call blessed.
But pulling on her top, 
She stuffed the tissue down
Securing it with sellotape
Trying to make them round

The plasters helped too, 
Adding to the tape,
Helping stick it to her skin,
Like a halter neck to her nape.
She looked at herself in the mirror,
Tugging her long flowing hair,
If she could get it dry,
It could cover her despair.

She pulled it over each shoulder,
To cover the plasters and tape,
Praying that he wouldn't notice,
Her odd and inhuman shape.
She finished getting ready,
And with one last check in the mirror,
Opened the door with a click,
Hoping no one noticed her.

She met him in the lobby,
He looked at her and stared,
Confusion on his face,
For the questions, she prepared.
"Something's different" he noticed,
'He knows me far too well'.
She thought to herself darkly,
As she fell down into Hell.

She said nothing to him,
He looked at her and stared,
The understanding flashing up,
His face etched with care.
Followed by confusion,
And then an amused grin,
He looked down at her slyly,
Oh where should he begin.

She glared back up at him,
"Don't you even start",
He laughed, feigning innocence,
Hand over his heart.
"Sooo I guess that you forgot them?",
He asked her with a smile,
She huffed and nudged him in the arm,
Saying "Be quiet for a while".

But he was having too much fun,
Enjoying her discomfort,
His curiosity ate at him,
He asked the questions he should not.
She huffed and blushed as he asked,
But finally relented,
Explaining what she had to do,
So as to be presented.

He stared at her in wonder,
She felt a tad uneasy,
Would he think her strange?
Or maybe even sleazy?
He stared down at his woman,
Not knowing what to say,
Hoping to all hopes,
That he would not forget this day.

She still regarded him, 
Wondering what he would do,
But before he said a word,
His eyes gave away a clue.
She thought he'd think her freaky
Or at least be pretty stressed.
But his brown eyes simply flickered, 
As if incredibly impressed.

  • Author: Heather Harrisson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 3rd, 2019 17:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this one a while ago and kinda forgot about it. Recently though I was going through all my work and making sure to type it up on my computer so I wouldn't lose them and I found it again. Rereading it made me chuckle a lot and I thought, this is pretty different from my usual style, so I'll see what you guys think! Hope you enjoy! Also, ITS 2019 GUYS!!! Love from, Heather.
  • Category: Humor
  • Views: 14
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