My mum's an actress.


It's as if she's disregarded my existence as soon as I grew up, all of that deceptive love I was brought up on, taught me to become my own mum
Always had an issue with me, I always ask myself why me?

I always ask God why do I have a mum full of such murderous venom?

A hypocrite, liar and abuser but the thing is I can't seem to escape from her
Demanding perfection and I can't seem to meet her sky-high expectations like I'm an error.
Like she's an actress on stage, putting on a show for the gullible audience, displaying the 'joyful family'
Behind closed curtains, it's a traumatic nightmare that just keeps getting awfully ugly.
You see a mother and daughter should be like true best friends
But mines a gifted actress that puts on mind-blowing performances and always fucking pretends.

  • Author: Syeda (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 4th, 2019 21:21
  • Category: Family
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  • Gino

    Nice write Saima, but flawless expectations are always a dread upon anyone who is constantly victimized by the error of their ways.

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