Everything is temporary,

so show me something permanent

or I'll be here with my bottles in my hand,

telling you the truth that no one cares in the end.


Everything is temporary and nothing fully lasts

Everything can simple change in one day

nothing is permanent,

so please prove me wrong once,

so I can have a happy ending to this untold chaos,

not with 100 of bottles in my collection for art,

but with a smile that lasts longer then a week.


I'm foolish I know,

but please don't call me selfish,

when I'm not...

Because you don't know what you are stating,

when the bottles that was full is empty.


This is my farewell,

to those who think they know me,

but for others,

this is a question that needs to be brought up,

but there is no answers to those question,

only more questions.


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