Johnny Lawless




  • psychofemale

    Tis' true. ***

    • Johnny Lawless

      Yes it is. Thanks for commenting.

    • Diamond

      Marvelous, my friend!

      • Johnny Lawless

        The high horse sometimes gets kicked in the knees.

        Thanks for your continued kindness.

        • Diamond

          All are ultimately on their feet....better be on the ground.

          Btw, I recall you telling me that you were reading the Hare Krsna Hare Rama. If you still are, I have a little suggestion to make.

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        • fuche_bu

          Tis certainly better to be unrighteous than self righteous

          • Johnny Lawless

            If only we all could keep that in mind. Emotions tend to get in the way.

            Thanks for commenting.

          • Goldfinch60

            So very true.

            • Johnny Lawless

              Yes. I am perfect in every way; that's why I can look down at all of you and write things like this. Not!! 😜

              Be well.

            • orchidee

              A good write Lawless. Now where was I? Making a list of my perfections, good deeds, etc. There's so many. lol. Me guinea pigs bit me, and brought me back down to earth from my exalted 'goody two shoes' state.

              • Johnny Lawless

                Good for them! We all need a bite every once in a while. Can you send one of those pigs to my president?!!!

              • dusk arising

                Most of them seem to think they are hanging from (nailed onto) some sort of a cross. More holy than any other could be.

                • Johnny Lawless

                  Thanks dusk for commenting.

                  Everyone has the tendency to be self-righteous, some more than others, certainly when it comes to religion and politics. I have been guilty on occasion.

                  Recently I had a falling out with a poet here due to a disagreement, I wrote some things I regret. That incident is part of the reason I came up with this quote. Our egos can be very sensitive.

                  • dusk arising

                    Personally i cant see why ppl need to spout their quasi religious stuff on here endlessly as if they are re-writing their bible poetically. Maybe they have been more thoroghly brainwashed than most?
                    I wonder at what motivates them? Life is for living surely.

                  • OUTBACK

                    A-MEN* ! U GOT THAT " RIGHT " ! . . .

                  • OUTBACK

                    " BEST " QUOTE " of ALL-TIME* ! " THIS ONE - RIGHT HERE " ! . . .

                    • Johnny Lawless

                      I don't know about that. Remember Socrates? I am flattered though. Thanks bud!

                      • OUTBACK

                        " TRUTH - ( IS )* -THE = ( PRESENCE)* = WHAT* YOU* - SO HAVE - " PROCLAIMED - HEAR* !

                      • sylviasearcher

                        I so need to share this with my unrequited soulmate. It describes him perfectly.

                        In fact it describes many.

                        • Johnny Lawless

                          We all must question our thoughts and actions. At my age I'm finding that to be very important. The more I learn, the more I find how little I do know.

                          Thanks for commenting and be patient with him.

                          • sylviasearcher

                            Oh I was joking of course lol. There is an intended irony in the phrase unrequited soulmate.

                            But i did like the quote.

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                          • sylviasearcher

                            Aren't we all self righteous? Or we would crumble?

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