He Constantly Reminds Me

She closes up, hides away, waits for a sign of your existence 

The silence is deafening, 

The slightest gesture of kindness sets her tongue ablaze

The forest thick with fiery grins and longing for confession 

But he stays silent

She wants to know his deepest desires

His sadness, his torture, his woes,

For all of this makes him what he is 

And she wouldn’t give any of it up for a second

Every frown, every grin, every smile when the sunshine pours in, 

When she thinks of him, her heart swells with gratitude

she reaches to write him but she shudders 

Her memory focused, and her mind forces her to remember the one constant that he always reminds her,


 He doesn’t  want this. 









  • Ivory

    Beautifully written and with emotion that I could feel with your words

    • Denise

      Thank you!

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