Little flame

Heather Harrisson

Curled up in the damp and dark,
I shiver from the cold,
In this world filled up with nightmares,
That shake my very soul.

My only one companion,
Is a single yellow flame,
Dancing lightly in the draft,
From where the monsters came.

I've nowhere left to run,
And nothing left to do,
So I'll sit here with my flame,
Till that leaves me too.

The shadows cast by it,
Are large and eerie grey,
So I try to focus elsewhere,
I keep looking away.

The walls are wet and sticky,
The smell of smoke hangs thick,
The sounds from rooms above me,
Have me feeling faint and sick.

There's darkness all around me,
And creaks and clangs below,
But I concentrate on staring,
On my little flames last show.

It's yellow, glowing brightly,
With oranges and reds,
I have to keep it burning,
Or else I will be dead.

It gives a little warmth,
Which thaws my frozen hands,
But does little for my body,
And I know I cannot stand.

I hear the world around me,
Come crashing down with screams,
Trying my best to block out,
The terror inside of me.

I refuse to panic now,
What good would that be?
It's not long till its over,
I'll let death come for me.

But meanwhile I'll sit here,
With my tiny little flame,
Watching as it dances,
To the sound of rain.

I wait for what seems ages,
Maybe days or just a minute,
For something else to happen,
For all of this to finish.

Tucked away down here,
I don't think they'll ever find me,
Scrunched up with the pipes,
All smelly, wet and grimy.

So it seems as though I'm stuck,
As I know I can't go back,
I refuse to let them take me,
Where they kill and chop and hack.

And I have no food or water,
So I know that I will die,
But at least I die my own way,
I don't have to scream or cry.

I hope it wont be painful,
When I finally pass away,
I hope it's just like sleeping,
Though I'd really like to stay.

But in this world run by monsters,
There's nothing left for me,
Except my little flame,
Who is warm and bright and free.

He jumps about in front,
And I follow with my eyes 
Imagining in my head,
That I am now his size.

So that I'm too small for them,
And so they never catch me,
And I live for many years,
Down here, though its dirty.

I think I'd learn to like it,
And find a way to live,
If I was only smaller,
Or they, not quite so big.

It's been a while now,
Since I hid in this small spot,
And my limbs have slowly frozen,
I feel I'm about the rot.

My little flame's still going,
But I fear soon I will not be,
The cold has me all locked up,
And I'm so very very hungry.

My eyes are feeling heavy,
My head wobbling around,
My little flame draws closer,
To the cold and soggy ground.

It will be gone soon,
And I don't know which is worse,
To be left here without it,
Or to die and break this curse.

His light is growing weaker,
His heat is dying down,
Small curls of wispy vapour,
If I could move, I'd frown.

But my body is on lock down,
Is that frost now on my skin?
Or perhaps I'm going crazy,
Who cares, I just give in.

My little flame is now a dot,
Still he keeps on dancing,
As if even as he dies,
He wants to go down fighting.

I wish I was the same,
Wish my death could be worthwhile,
Like while taking down a monster,
Or at least with one last smile.

But my mouth will not move,
Even just to give a grin,
It's like my body stopped,
Though my soul is still within.

The flame is getting smaller,
And my eyes are closing,
And I feel the warmth on my skin,
From the little flame, still moving.

Then suddenly, it's gone,
And I know I'm all alone,
My last friend in the world,
Has left me on my own.

I feel a need to cry,
To scream at all this sadness,
But I'm frozen in my place,
Beneath the horror and madness.

My eyes are frozen shut now,
But a sudden warmth begins,
Turning fiery hot,
Burning all my skin.

Could it be my little flame,
Has come back from the dead?
Or perhaps this scorching heat,
Is all inside my head.

Whichever is the case,
I'm through with caring now,
Hot or cold or neither,
I really don't mind how.

Today I'm going to die,
And escape this hell on earth,
I hope I'll meet my little flame,
Who became my only hearth.

Im burning, burning still,
But I know that its not long,
Just a few more seconds left,
And then I will be g-

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  • psychofemale

    i give you a clap for writing this piece, i don't think i have ever written a poem like long before, so i commend you 😀 very good stuff here

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