Gary Edward Geraci

Towel Boy

“so what kind of man would keep his wife chained to a budget and then make a deduction when she toppled over one of his orchid plants? he deserved it that she left him!”


I simply replied although with a tinge of anger in my voice


“so what kind of mother would wrap her child up in a towel and leave him restrained on the bed while the rest of his four siblings rolled and rollicked around him in play?”


My mother turned a crimson red in the face


-Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    Wrapped in cotton wool, as they say? 'Smothered'? Not literally!

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      I’ve forgiven here none-the-less Orchidee; but to this day she believes it was a justifiable action. In her defense - she was always overprotective...

    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

      What a great reply from a son who experienced the torment. Sometimes it is necessary to enlighten relatives, as to the pain we suffered, because of their thoughtless actions.

      Great job!

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Thanks for your read and support Tamara; my wife Jessica had been saying the same thing...that I aught to ask her why she did it before it’s too late.

      • Neville

        restraining someone else is rarely justifiable .. restraining oneself, is often so.. .. I like crimson but only when it's justified... an intriguing write and certainly enjoyed... N

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Thanks Neville for your read and perspective.

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