No Joke, This Punster Riddled With Anxiety

Hue more, a dog send,
asper how this poe
whet tick mutt air ring
mortal doth cope with woe

principally said misery prevails
because a dearth of dough
cash, liquid legally rendered
assets, money, y'know

what I mean, and securing, and
maintaining employment efforts go
south, cuz yours truly
experiences extreme anxiety,

where perspiration doth flow
most significantly moistening
palms when this bro
fills out application,

or during interview so...
to spare myself such
grievous anguish, although
such acquiring a job, the

quickest most obvious to diminish
penuriousness whiplashing to and fro
primarily due to requisite ought toe
motive repairs (ordinary

wear and tear),
this unearned income of mine - so
shill security disability
(monthly electronic depot

zitz), the sole source of mo
knee for myself and the missus,
(who also unfortunately emo
shun null lee dogged by psycho

logical pitfalls since her grow
chee parents (both deceased) unaware
of her mental afflictions decades ago
lacks any checking, and/or 

savings account, lo
she wants for disposable income hoe
ping to rely on me for spending money
on regular basis, which by Joe

siff, mother and Mary
stresses thee only means
to sustain financial status quo,
hence my lament and plea

for succor, yet just blow
wing figurative steam also
bring a modicum of alleviation, as
does talking to a therapist, crow

wing about pennilessness
day late dollar short,
hence cue thee oboe
or violin somber

(pitiful) tune - ho...ho...ho...
methinks gofundme site not apropos
cuz just a couple thousand bucks...
would allow me to get show

back on the rodeo
circuit, but I hoop
not to engender glow
warring revulsion - whoa!




  • Cooper

    There is definitely a uniqueness to your style of writing that I dig.

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