The Magician 🎩




It crept up on me like a silent storm

Swirling, pounding, a torrential downpour

Trust, given freely of my own accord

Prickled flesh, embarrassment, flushed cheeks

I was at ease, with the swift drum of my heart beat.

Tousled locks of hair, and a smile so sweet

I was a fool, so wise yet so naive, 

I didn’t see it coming, heart upon my sleeve

Witty banter, tantric thoughts make it hard to breathe

I poured my secrets out like gems from a bag, I let my soul sing,

Got lost inside that crooked smile and all the gifts it brings, 

Months of conversations, opening up to amazing new  things.

He was a magician, psychic, soothe sayer with his words, 

Soaking up my problems, trying to free this lonely bird,

In our conversations were some of the realest things I’ve heard, 

I fell too quick, hard, like a war hammer to my chest,

They say when love surprises you it turns out to be the best,

So I spilled my heart out, hoping that I had passed every single test,

My heart lit a match and he burned out like the rest. 
















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