Brutalized by the beatings she takes in her stride

Make up on she's perfected playing maid to the bride

Body language that's speaking in tongues as a guide

The girl with the far away eyes


Welcomed into the world by a slap on the ass

Too far gone to acknowledge the stone in the grass

Feeble freedom attempts headed off at the pass

Taken in by those far away eyes


An angry whirlpool of pain

Invites her to release the strain

Scratching an ever itchy vein

Tears stream from her far away eyes


From the frying pan into the fire then grill

Almost choked on the new favorite everyday pill

Welcomes would be assassins hell bent on a kill

The girl with the far away eyes


Like a tigress she fought her own corner and won

Almost mortally wounded by damage he'd done

Her once obsolete smile flashed itself at the sun

The girl with the fiery eyes


  • psychofemale

    gonna favorite this one, i love it :)

    • tepo

      Thank you psycho
      Very much appreciated

    • sylviasearcher

      What a powerful hopeful message you wove in at the end!

      • tepo

        Thanks Sylvia
        Always try to leave a wee bit of hope
        Greatly appreciate your read and comment

      • Diamond

        One necessary journey for the girl to be the powerful woman that she is.
        "The girl with the far away eyes"
        This line speaks to me.
        Thank you for sharing this fiery gem, Stevie.

        • tepo

          Thanks for listening Vydehi
          Extremely grateful

          • Diamond

            Pleasure is mine, my friend!

          • Christina8

            This is an excellent and stunning piece Stevie!! Glad I was on today to see it!! Definitely a favorite!

            • tepo

              I am also glad you were on today
              Thank you my friend

            • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

              An excellent in-depth write, tepo, that highlights the sorrowful lives of many women in today's society. Thankfully, the ending was one of hope.

              I loved your poem. :-)

              • tepo

                Thank you Tamara
                Very kind as always
                Appreciate that

                • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                  No problem, at all, tepo. Keep writing! :-)

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                • Laura


                  The last stanza was the bait that reeled me in! A super write! Once upon a time, I would not have enjoyed reading the words you’ve penned...but today I DID!
                  Thank you for sharing!


                  • tepo

                    Yea I can write some distressing words at times
                    The fact you can enjoy them today
                    Says a lot about you
                    Thank you very much lady

                    • Laura

                      You’re very welcome, my friend!
                      I do enjoy your work very much!🤗

                    • Ternic73

                      Very well done Tepo!!

                      • tepo

                        Thanks so much Ternic
                        Sorry for late reply
                        Got new phone
                        Lost password etc
                        Hate gadgets lol
                        Great to hear from you

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