Dai'lynn Green


Is it treason to be in love?

Would I be battered by my choice?

My mind speaks as a right from my wrongs in my heart

As I love her, my destroyed, heartbreaker, lair, and cheater

Will you hate me for falling in love with her?

She isn't the one

She's imperfect for me

A lair that can deceive

A cheater that can break your heart more than you might believe

A destroyer of your soul and depression will unfold 

Sadly, she's all I want to indulge 

Mistake it might be to love a fake

My corrupted mind accepted her flaws

Maybe it was the thought of my brownish eyse that gave off some surprise

But lust is lust and love is love

Too bad we were on different ends

We could have been something truly to transcend 


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Great poem!
    we live & we learn

    • Dai\'lynn Green

      Yes, I'm not very old but I've learned a lot in my love life. I've experienced a lot in my little bit of time and we do learn from em. It just sucks and read The Endless Love because that was for this girl. Most of it really is for her to be honest. I think I need to switch my approach a little bit lol...

    • psychofemale

      wow, good stuff you got here :) i so can relate to this one

      • Dai\'lynn Green

        Thanks because I have too many relationship issues and stuff. I just write how I feel and express it and share it. I'm a open book to be honest with you...

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