The white behind his smile revealed as his lips curl like the dried out peels of an orange

Chest like a cage confining a hummingbird jacked on nectar 

Mind like a squirrels burrow before the first frost of winter 

“My true love“ the statue whispered as his bride to be slowly floated down the isle towards him like a ghost on rollerblades 

Her reflection eerily stoic in his eyes as he generously presents the only key to his earthly sustenance

She accepts it 

Darkness even still behind her cold eyes, cloaked as she sold him a utopian future

He prays sanguinely her hands keep warm and hold gently this gift for eternity as was promised

Shortly there after 

She nonchalantly tosses it in her bedazzled pouch where it squishes around with the countless other ventricles she’d been entrusted. 

He dies.. metaphorically.


  • Sunshinefalling

    Whatever comes out is very beautiful Cooper.

    • Cooper

      You’re too kind. Thank you 🙏😊

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