🥀Beautiful Liar


Who Were We?

It’s Too Late To Run Away Now So Answer My Question,

I Think I Deserve An Answer Cause You’re The Reason For My Depression.

You Said I Was Special,

I Had So Much Potential,

We Had The Greatest Friendship Even Though We Were Sorta Mental.

I’ve Known You For A Long Time, And Things Used To Be Fine,

Even Dated For A Minute Way Back In ‘09.

And Ever Since, We’ve Been Building The Greatest Friendship Of All,

Whenever You Were In Trouble I’d Be The First One You Call.

We Were Closer Than Ever Because We Were More Than Just Friends,

Too Bad A True Love Story Ain’t The Way This Shit Ends.

I Was There For You Everytime Your Relationship Was Over,

I Had Your Back Through It All I Was Your Biggest Supporter.

When I Had A Girl Around I Still Chose To Put You First,

I Never Thought You’d Be The One Who Fucked Me Over The Worst.

You Said I Made You Happy And My Love Was The Best,

But Behind My Fucking Back You Told The World I Was Obsessed.

You Knew I Loved You Hard..Put You First Before My Family,

How The Fuck Did I Not Notice You Were Just Taking Advantage Of Me?

You Knew You Owned My Heart,

Said My Soul Was Just Like Art..

So Why The Fuck Am I Always Crying To Post Malone’s ‘I FALL APART’?

One Day I Was Your Friend, The Next Day I Was Your Lover,

I Knew That Shit Was Fake.. Cuz You’re Never Alone To Recover. 

You Made Me Feel Important And Told Me Always To Stay,

But The Whole Time You Were Making Other Girls Feel The Same Way.

I Seriously Cant Believe You,

You Knew I Fucking Needed You,

Even Got Myself Addicted To These Drugs Because I Bleeded You!

Used To Hate When You Would Say ‘I Love You’ Because You Never Chose Me,

I Guess Your Actions Had Costs But Your Words Were Free.

It Just Gets Under My Skin,

How You Made Me Wanna Sin,

Always Trying To Come Around And I Couldn’t Help But Let You In.

I Trusted You With My Past,

How Can I Think We’d Ever Last,

You’ll Never Find Someone To Love You Like I DID, Dumbass.

I Was So Fucking Blind And Held Such Foolish Notions,

Possessed By A Witch And All Her Stupid Love Potions.

You’ll Always Mean Something To Me, Because Your Lies Were That Beautiful,

But This Time I’m Putting Myself First, That’s Why I Made You Removable. 

I Hope You’re Really Happy, You Made Me Feel Like I’m Not Enough..

You’ll Always Be Tatted On Me As The One Who Fucked My Heart Up.

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 11th, 2019 18:13
  • Comment from author about the poem: My Heart Is Shattered
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 25
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  • GON

    bars, i've got goosebumps

  • Laydii

    Same. Goosebumps, even on my leg hair. I loved the way it flew and the rhymes 👌🏽💯 but Damn girl, who broke your heart? LETS GO BREAK SOME BONES!

  • BoxMyHeart

    Definitely a song more than poetry. This is cool, very soulful. Check out my "don't pull the trigger" I think you'll enjoy.

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