Dreamscape Voyage (Part 2: Sea of Fears)

Alex Arnot

And so he lead me to a two man raft

With the bottom made entirely of glass

I asked him why the floor was transparent

Why bring more strife to a sea so errant?


“The sea of fears shall test the brave

You must overcome to calm the waves”

It then became clear that this was no simple jaunt

It would be on this path my fears would haunt.


As the darkened waters tossed and turned

Soon my anxiety began to burn

And to my horror, it took its form

A lurking beast within this storm.


“Two more forms must still appear

Anxiety to paranoia and paranoia to fear”

And as my guide said, it transformed once more

With features more terrifying than before.


Then fangs and scales met with spikes and horns

and with that, fear had taken form.

Its eyes reflected my real life terrors,

What I feared would come from all my errors.


“That’s quite the monster, but what do you notice?”

Strange as it seemed it never approached us!

“Your fears can’t harm you if you don’t bait them to follow.

So now we approach your river of sorrow.”

  • Author: Alex Arnot (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 11th, 2019 14:15
  • Comment from author about the poem: Part 2 of 5
  • Category: Short story
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