Explain To A Child

What do you tell a child,

when they see hate for the first time.

A turning point in their life,

and a turning point in yours,

she asks you a question,

that catches you by surprise.

You knew this moment,

would come one day.

You just did not know when.

No matter what the situation is,

you are careful what to say to them.

- Little child, little child,

this world is a very mean place.

Some people are very unkind,

and will treat you very unfairly.

I will not pretend,

to have all the answers,

but I will tell you this.

You cannot blame others,

for your problems.

That is not how you should grow.

I want you to know,

there are good people,

and there are bad people.

You are a good person.

There is nothing wrong,

with asking questions.

Sometimes the world,

can make us sad.

Still, we must remember,

to always keep God,

first in ours hearts,

and that no one understands,

more than Jesus,

and even though,

people can be mean and unkind,

we must love them,

the way that Jesus loved us.

Even if you feel,

as though you have every right,

you must not go through life,

angry at the world.

Do not feel as though,

you have something to prove to anyone.

You don't.

Remember that you should always,

take your problems to Jesus,

because he will always,

be there for you,

and know that it will not,

always be like this.

Someday, we will be in Heaven,

where everyone is nice,

and there are no bad people.







  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

  • Luma214

    This is really good

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