Poison of Humanity.

You called me beautiful

but it wasn't an act of admiration for

my youthful glow or dough eyes.

Instead your intentions remained dull

your body ached and your hands craved more

of my innocence that I've restrained with zip-ties.


I was 15, you were double my age

and the shell of my skin cracked with the click

of you locking the door behind us

For now I was in your ravenous cage

with each cell burning alive with each of your licks

You moaned more compliments, which was superfluous.


I've said no, I've said stop

you felt my trembling, you felt my shaking

You tasted my salt tears that burned with agony.

Yet that pushed your power over the top

because you didn't care about the innocence you were taking

you were poison in the pool of humanity.


My lips quivered as you forced my mouth open

I repulsed from the taste of you

you burned my tongue with battery acid.

And my heart then became broken

closing my eyes was all that I could do

and for light behind my eyes I was avid.


Torment and broken preservation poured from the cracks

My heart stopped dancing, and my eyes stopped glowing

My skin stopped blushing, and my feet stopped dancing.

As you left you didn't bother to cover your tracks

once you left my sight the tears started flowing

and bled hollow with blackened drops that were entrancing.



    THANK YOU FOR SHARING AMANDA ~ You have covered a sad (but all too often) experience in this elegant but tragic Poem ! My Mother taught me to always treat Young Ladies (especially VIRGINS) with the greatest respect. Many MEN dont apreciate just how "valuable" a Young Lady's VIRGINITY is ! She can only give it ONCE and it should be in a Loving & Stable relationship and certainly not in a sordid encounter with an Older Predatory Man who just "Comes & then Goes !". Leaving the Lady hurt physically and damaged psychologically ! A MALE gains prestige (and experience) when HE loses HIS VIRGINITY a Lady loses something mystical which can never be recovered. It should only be in a loving stable relationship. Im 35 and I have never made love to a Lady against her will. ANGELA was not a Virgin when I met her (she was 28) but i always treated her as if she was ! She is from a Good Catholic Family and I would not wish her to be pregnant at the Altar !
    Verse 1. Is flattery ~ Older Men are good at that V 2. Is seduction ~ tearing away the layers of restraint ! V 3. Is a point of no return ~ Man will not be denied ! V 4. Over and Out ! Sometimes I am ashamed to be a MAN ? V 5. The dire condition of the ABUSED which the ABUSER did not stay to see ~ DAMN HIM ! If this is autobiographical please accept my commiserations ~ time does heal but not completely ! If it is allogorical let it be a warning to ALL MALE MEMBERS irrespective of age ! Im 35 so it hit hard ! Every blessing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check our site ~ ANGELA is my Fiancee and currently on a Work exchange in NEW ZEALAND 11,500 miles from London !

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