Carbon Dust


With Armstrongs boots
And Lennons mind
We could break free of captivity 
Leave our bodies behind


Looking in from the outside
With a refreshed perspective 
Analysing independently
Breaking free of the collective 

Forgetting what our grey matter
Is conditioned 
And concerned about


Realising and Identifying
The false wealth 
We can live without 


Unlearn the toxic vision
Shared by the corporate classes
Time and love is wealth 
Educate the masses 


So called precious minerals
Fuelled by want and lust 
Only blind fools yearn
For compressed carbon dust


  • orchidee

    Or shiny coal? I lost the plot. I put a friend's diamonds on me fire instead of coal, cos I had run out of coal. Couldn't see the harm in it, until me friend returned! lol.

    • Syd

      😂😂😂 You crack me up Orchidee.

    • sylviasearcher

      Forgetting what our grey matter
      Is conditioned
      And concerned about

      Humankind is broken.

      Yet there could be hope?

      Unlearn the toxic vision

      Words like these may unteach us 🤗

      • Syd

        Hopefully. I'm probably as guilty as the rest of us but at least my eyes are open.

        Thank you for reading and leaving feed back. It's been a while since I've posted on this site.

        Take care - Syd

      • Unsub


        seems to mirror my destiny of following my heart & not my head.

        The breaking free of the illusion & finding the true Oneness within sits well with this piece too.



        • Syd

          Thank you Unsub. I'm glad you can relate to this piece.

          - Syd

        • LAWLESS

          Not only a favorite, more like loved it!

          Our natural tendency towards greed can consume us and destroy us. Hopefully we can "Unlearn The toxic vision".

          One suggestion: you could add another line to stanza 3 in order to make them all 4 lines. I'm turning into a conformist in my old age!

          • Syd

            Hi Lawless, thank you I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes I did think about adding an extra line in the third stanza, but it just seemed to 'work' as it is so I left it.

            I think I could have even rearranged the words slightly to create a fourth line. I'm trying to get out of the habbit of using the same rhyme sequence anyway.

            Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback.

            Hop all is well - Syd

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