I Wish I Can Feel Your Body on Mines

At night I dream of your lips kissing and sucking on my body

I hear myself letting out a soft moan as you go down

my fingers gripping your hair as I feel you taste me

my back arched from the pleasure your giving before I can cum the sunlight wakes me

as I sit up in my bed, I'm wishing I can feel your body on mines

feeling your chest on mines, my nails scratching down your back as you suck on my neck and then my breast

hearing your groans as I bite your neck 

I really wish I can feel you on me

I wish you can be here, with my legs in the air as you slowly enter me making my eyes roll back

as you pick up your pace making me moan your name. feeling you inside of me makes me want you even more

whispering sweet nothings in my ear as we about to reach our climax but then I came back to reality

as I let out a small sigh, I got out the shower still wishing you were here with me

I wish I can feel your body on mines 

I wish I can look into your eyes and whisper that I love you but I know you're not for my love just yet until then I'll wait for you

I just wish I can make love to you but I know I can't

But a girl can only wish and dream



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