Love, as I know it

Sugar Suicide

-   SS   -


We met

as young

and confused


but I knew I loved you.


You said it back to me, and would prove it so.

I never should of left you alone.


We grew, and I broke, and left.


And only a year I knew I was wrong in so.


another year and knew I wanted you more than I wanted myself.

But you had her.


I waited,

knowing I had lost it all,

but hoping just the same.


You told me, she was gone.

That you always loved me.

You could never love her the same.

You held my hand, and I took it back.

We said things would be different this time.


I trusted that, and I was ready to work too.

If I broke this time, I would still stay with you.

We were older now, and this was real.


We fell in love, like teenagers do.

We held hands walking under the sun.

Shared a first kiss under a tree, in a park full of flowers.


We talked of marriage,

our goals and dreams.

Our children's names,



It felt real. It was our time.

You were my everything, and you claimed the same line.


Days past by, and we both grow.

You know my mom, dad, and everyone past.


A year we've spent. Now coming to two.


But recently, I'm broken, because of you.

I know not of your mom, or your dad.

I haven't met a friend, but I hear all about them.

You talk of family dinners, yet I never hear, "You should come"


I'm fighting for a spot in your life. I just want to be your one.

I broke down crying, but three weeks ago.


I told you everything. Like you wanted so.

you said you'd fix it. You wanted to try.

I said okay, clearing puffy eyes.


You said come see me, meet my family.

I want you in my life, I promise that to thee.


But as the day arrived, it went sour.

Miss in contact, and hours I thought it was over.


As we hit week two, the sad has subsided.

I'm angry now, I can't care to hide it.

Three hours I cry and yell and tell you it all.


I tell you its over,

and you fight not at all.


I say I don't want to go, yet your letting me leave.

until you break down. And tell me what I need.

You said it will change, for the second time now.

I say okay.

You'll prove it to me now.


This week comes, but I still taste sour.

I want this to change, because I can't last the hour.

I love you with no end,

but my heart weighs heavy.


I talk to you daily,

and things look alright.


Until two nights ago, when things went back.

I'm crying again, things have relasped.

I know nothing has changed, but I still can't go.

I say one more time,

"How are things this way?"

and you respond, to simple, because you can't change.


I say, "do you want to see me go?"

You said no,

not today,

I love you more than you know.


But your actions speak the other.

And I'm hurt more than you know.


We won't talk this week,

until the last day.


I'll see your face, and give you your last chance.

Please don't let me go.


Because I'll never love another,

knowing your still here.


But I can't spend a moment,

living in so many tears.


-   SS   -



  • Author: Sugar Suicide (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 13th, 2019 18:55
  • Category: Unclassified
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