Please society, please

  we live in a society where it’s more acceptable to talk about murder than rape.   We live in a society that hates the paedophile for looking at the children, yet we let ours walk around on stage half naked as if it’s a big game.   Where we define consent when clothes are put on, rather than after they’ve been taken off.   Where people are having to protest in the streets for pro-choice.   A society that the only way people feel safe is by putting their lives at risk, laying in a road with a sign and a single word on.   Where young people are killing themselves because “they were only joking around”   We live in a society where it’s not okay to wear colours of a rainbow or even a hijab just because of the so-called ‘phobia’ we use to dampen and hide the hate. A hate so deep that not even society can comprehend it without making it seem less than it is.   We live in a society where being a sexist and racist bigot is better than hitting send on a classified email.   We live in a society where the walls we put up in our minds are turned to reality.   Where the solution is money, so is the problem.   12 years to live. we have 12 years to save this planet. 12 years to live. 12 years to save our souls.   A society where our children are sheltered from the good in the world and thrown into schools where a weekly shooting drill must be practised.   where politicians are actors and celebrities send the real message.   and   Where ‘collateral damage’ is part of our everyday vocabulary but kindness and human rights are something we have to petition for.   Let’s talk about the big things. What are you going to do?


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