Prevalence Of Purposelessness

Early in life worthlessness prevailed employ

ying gnawing, infecting thought processes

did more than annoy

rooted, short circuited, and tasered

flickr happiness lived

spontaneous bobbing sponging buoy

clinging to mother's

apron string series

of unfortunate events

conspired to destroy


that extremely introverted

shy locked lad, and somewhat coy

no matter bred from Jewish stock,

his existence he did not enjoy

he knew no more of Semitic heritage,

and for all intents and purposes,

said life devoid of joy,

now late in his life shill

still coon sitter himself a goy.

This corporeal body orbited sun

at woof lee light warp speed,

no mortal can outrun

decades spun ever

faster than speeding bullet

from most high powered gun

or analogous to none

other than miniature whirling dervish

gyroscopic combination dreidel won

dress lee resembling

dicey snake eyes on fire all fun

and games by expert

watergate burglar nixon

argh...burned his legacy

Gerald ford did pardon


can of worms best not open

infamous administration

equally as full of shame

as Trump shenanigans,

he need put in place

rather than blame,

thus someone must tame

perhaps yours truly - not as lame

as presumed, unless ye might be game

eldest sister of mine suggested to aim

site as political activist bandwagon and

thus ineluctably claim

feeling glad to right Dame

Liberty, now a mockery, I exclaim

where land of milk and honey

necessitates more apropos name

oh...of course a

suitable avatar and meme!


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