how it would feel so right

how beautiful the sight

a vision of us smiling in the moonlight

resurrection only in fiction

my favorite souls living again

feeling pain

feeling the rain

ive walked down many roads

ive seen many things

every time i look down bullet lane

i see their faces

wandering if could have said anything

i rack my brain

one time with cocaine

sometimes with aderall

it really all feels the same

now im trying to play the game

stay in the game they say

it’ll all be okay


i want to scream loud enough

loud enough for all the world to hear

loud enough to shake the galaxy

loud enough to scare the aliens

loud enough to make the universe hear

loud enough to make it listen to me

loud enough to wake the dead

loud enough to change the road ahead


i have a price on my head

everyone sees it but me

see how many times you can hurt me

see how many times ill stand back up

see how many times ill doll myself up

just to be chewed and coughed back up

my demons reward them with a shiny new ego

brighter than a child’s eyes

eyes that used to be mine


“there are some things that we cannot change

some things that are out of our control

things we do not choose

what we do choose however

is whether to give up

or keep on goin’”


i used to search with only my hands

in a dark room i stumbled and fell

held on to things that helped me stand

unstable and detached

i fell and fell again

things i couldn’t see punched me

in the gut

in the face

in the heart

hands were all over me

and i couldn’t see


i can’t explain it

a light came to me

purple and blue

something familiar and warm

something i could see

tall and quiet

loving and bright

with her came another light

a warm red

she’s a reminder of my blood

a reminder of what it means to be alive

she’s a wild ride

loving with both heart and mind


one with beauty she has yet to define

with a heart made of diamonds

and a mind open to the elements

and hands so eloquent

she’s hurt by the world

loving too much

blaming herself

little light of mine

forget the world for a second

you can still shine


one with fires she cannot quench

she clenches her heart until she cannot fall apart

she’s used to this storm

when she smiles i feel warm

she’s armor in its best form

a phoenix out of the ashes

she just has to transform

she inspires me to push through

through the fire of life

little light of mine

forget the world for a second

you can still shine





  • Sunshinefalling

    Amazing. Love it.

  • psychofemale

    I loved the last part, it was fav :) theres just something special about it :)

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