Heather Harrisson

A place where you feel comfy,
And utterly at peace,
A place to keep old memories,
Where new ones never cease.

A place you will come back to,
No matter where you go,
A place deep in your heart,
A place you'll always know.

A place where friends or family,
May also come into,
A place where you share laughter,
Or maybe a tear or two.

A place you want to go,
When you're tired, sad or bored,
A place that makes you sigh
With happiness, for sure.

But it doesn't have to be a house,
Or even somewhere you live,
It could be a favourite coffee shop,
Or where good times you relive,

It could be a friends place, or family member,
Where you spend all your time,
Somewhere far away or near,
Or a spot in the country side.

It could be a distant memory,
Of a holiday far away,
Or even of a person you know,
Who made you feel this way.

It could even be a feeling,
Deep inside of you,
When you found where you fit in,
And what you were meant to do,

It could be an object,
An old tattered teddy bear,
Who's stained and torn and smelly,
But you take him everywhere.

It could be an old memento,
From a person long since gone,
Or a holiday souvenir,
Remembering when the sun shone.

It could be a certain smell,
Like baking bread and flowers,
Or the sound of wind through trees,
That keeps you content for hours.

It could be the feel of snowflakes,
Or the sound of rain on ground,
It could be he sight of trees,
When their leaves are turning brown.

It could be an entire city,
Busy, bustling streets,
Or a train journey as a child,
That had you jumping from your seat.

It could be the taste of foods,
When you had first tried them,
They remind you of the time,
You were discovering life's gems.

It could be a particular air freshener,
That takes you to another place,
Or the feeling in your chest,
That one time you won a race.

It could be those few seconds,
You received praise from somebody,
Or someone called you kind,
Clever, fun or pretty.

It could be a certain animal,
Like the way a cats fur feels,
The way they purr and rub,
Themselves against your heels.

Or the way a dogs eyes widen,
When they see you holding food,
Or the cute way rabbits twitch,
And put you in a cuddly mood.

It could be a certain song,
That gets your brain ticking,
A film you've always loved,
Or that book you're always picking.

It could be your favourite blanket,
Or a tree-house falling apart,
It could be piece of clothing,
Or a gorgeous work of art.

It can be what you love most,
Which may seem strange to some,
But to you it means the world,
And after all is said and done,

They say home is where the heart is,
And isn't that so true?
A home isn't a house or flat,
You can't tie it down, can you?

It isn't just a place you live,
Or even just your family,
In fact, wherever my heart goes,
Is truly home to me.

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  • Sunshinefalling

    Love it

  • psychofemale

    this was beautiful. i can so relate to this one as well, def. gonna go on my fav list 🙂

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