Dreamscape Voyage (Part 5: Desert of Pride)

Alex Arnot

Finally we reached the bridge’s end

The last of this world’s enigmas to comprehend

My guides ever changing face in a disappointed stare

I felt another lesson he was about to share.


“Before us stretches an everlasting sand

When in its place a mighty forest ought to stand.

Are you not proud of what you’ve made?

Has no joy you’ve experienced ever stayed?”


There was a time when a forest mighty may be

But doubt, fear and angst has caused it to become deceased.

Many a days make me feel as though I walk this desert

Endless dunes and miles of nothing until my mood reverts


“So it would seem that you’ve been to this place before

But now you have me here to help you restore

The canopy of trees raised by your pride

Think long and hard, reach deep inside”


I then began to ponder my life

For anything positive to outshine the strife.

And soon the memories overcame me

Each pleasant thought slowly began to change this scene.


For every realization, the ground began to shift

Leaves and sticks from the sand began to lift

Until replaced by mud and soon a grassy plain

Further thought created a quenching rain.


“Though only saplings, in time these trees will grow.

Seek help  and eventually a true forest you will know.

There is nothing more in this world for us to see.

Explore further another night, but for now your journey is complete.”


My dream then began to fade

As I awoke to the rising light of day

The lessons I learned from my guide still on my mind

As I prepared to find them the right moments in my life to apply.

  • Author: Alex Arnot (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 14th, 2019 20:38
  • Comment from author about the poem: The grand finale
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  • psychofemale

    you have a very nice way of rhyming....simply awesome! 😀

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