Sometimes I Wonder How Different Life Could Be,

If People Around Me Knew What It Was Like To Think Like Me.

I Don’t Think They Understand What I’m Trying To Explain,

When I Try To Tell Them What’s Really Going On With My Brain.

They Think I’m Making Excuses, I Just Want All The Attention,

But When I Don’t Ask For Help They Wonder Why Its Never Mentioned.

Growing Up I Always Knew There Was Something Off With Me,

I Had Something Weird Going On With My Mentality.

I Used To Think I Was Stupid, Cause I Never Reached A Goal,

Couldn’t Concentrate, My Attention Was Too Hard To Control.

I Would Wonder, “Do Other People Think Like Me?”

Do They Struggle Focusing On Anything In Life Like Me?

See No One Fucking Gets It, They Dont Know How Hard It Is To See,

Seeing Thousands Of People Around You, 

Yet None Notice You Cant Breathe.

My Mind Never Shuts Off, I’m Always Having Trouble Sleeping,

When I Do Get The Chance To Finally Rest, I Fucking Wake Up Screaming.

When Things Were Bad I’d Overthink,

It Wouldn’t Stop Unless I Had A Drink,

The Only Thing That Kept Me Going Was Hearing “Dont Let Me Get Me” By Pink. 

I Was Never Good At Being Social, Couldn’t Look People In The Eyes,

Wouldn’t Go On Dates, Id Get To Nervous ‘Cause Pretty Girls Made Me Shy.

Too Scared To Commit, In The Past I’ve Been Neglected,

I Loved A Girl With All My Soul But I Got Played With And Rejected. 

How Do You Tell Someone You Need Help Cuz You're Always Hearing Voices?

Knowing You’ve Been Addicted To Drugs Cause Of Your Stupid Poor Choices. 

I Wish People Knew What It Was Like Laying In Bed,

Crying Your Eyes Out And Wishing You Were Dead, 

‘Cause Every 5 Seconds Of Your Life There’s A Million Thoughts In Your Head!

I Always Put Myself Down When People Get Mad ‘Cause I Cant Focus,

So What’s The Point Of Even Trying? I’m Starting To Feel Hopeless.

How Do I Ask For Help?

Who Do I Run To? Who Do I Tell? 

These Bad Thoughts Sure As Fuck Make Me Believe That I’m Getting Closer To Hell. 

I’ve Tried Getting Therapy But That Shit Was So Expensive,

Had No Choice But To Get Real Help And Found Out I Was Just Inattentive.

I Couldn’t Believe What My Eyes Had To See,

All This Time Thinking Im Going Crazy But It Was Just A.D.H.D 

It All Made Sense Now.. Wasted Years Thinking I Was Dumb And Worthless,

Always Felt Like God Wasted Time ‘Cause I Never Knew My Life’s Purpose.

This Really Isn’t My Fault,

From A Child All The Way To An Adult,

June 2017, The Year I Got My Results.


  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 15th, 2019 02:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: Welcome To My Life.
  • Category: Sad
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  • sylviasearcher

    What an amazing piece of writing to give people insight into the differences in how the brain works.

    The flow and rhythm is perfect. It's like a 'rap. I do not have ADHD but no a little about it. The way the words are thrown out without breath kind of echo that idea of a mind always on the go.

    I am glad the diagnosis helped you.

    My son has aspergers syndrome. I always knew it but didn't want him to labeled because then all the people see is the label. Trouble was, all they saw without it was a stubborn, awkward, rude and angry young boy, who they would tell off for upsetting the other children when he said he wanted to die.

    School teachers should read your poem.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Such a brave yet instructive write - thank you for sharing it.

  • Poetic Dan

    Legend! This was outstandingly done, not a drop in breath, I hope you can feel now how you are not alone.
    Every word felt like it was my own, the fight for understanding.

    Thank you

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