Erase and eradicate
Every trace
Dissolve my desperation
Give up!
Lost case

Delete and destroy
Till no trace remains
Incinerate or saturate
All those losses and gains

Let them not burden me again
Lost without eternal flames
As I return empty remains
Letting go of all my inner shame

Stripped to the core
incinerate my bones
Watch me dissolve
into the unknown

Disappear all my doubts and my fear
Show me a path that is open and clear
Society creates a sense of hesitation
Delete that from memory
I won’t pretend to be another lost imagination

Still I'm lost
A question without answers
Drifting in and out
Delicate dust swept into the wind
Not even seen with sunlight shining in
Release me from my need
Erase me will you please


  • sylviasearcher

    I think this is an awesome fusion as the individuality of each poet shines through to create a wave or what it means to erase.

  • Maxine Smith

    Ahh sorry I missed this beaut, Awsome fusion, well done guys.

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