I am Liability

It's not like me to be sane

I'm touched by difficult times and pain

My mind hangs above my head

My body, paralyzed and presumably dead 

A feeling of coldness only I can feel

A feeling of happiness I wish I could steal

Pushing forward is too hard

The only words of encouragement are brain-dead and re-tard

An envelope of isolation surrounds me

I only ask: who invited pity?

Why do I see ugly when God sees beauty?

I am visible yet held captive by invisibility

Surrounded by people who come to see me 

Like an abstract painting of emotional realities

I am Liability




  • psychofemale

    Oh I have to favorite this 🙂

    • InsouciantRebellions

      omg thank you for enjoying this poem!! i really appreciate it!!

      • psychofemale

        it was great 🙂

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