You Know What They Say

When it rains it pours, and damn it's raining hard

Everything falling down with it

Everything falling out of place

the tears

the memories

the laughter

the sadness


Such a heavy weight to carry on these shoulders

Adds on about 100 pounds


And just when I thought things couldn't get worse

I thought wrong...


The sick are getting sicker

and things once new are now getting old


They say it's time for a change 

but I'm not ready for change


Houses going up for sale

and memories going out to sail


sailing far, far away


A picture's worth a thousand words

but I'd cry a thousand tears to replay those moments 

where I was born and raised

and reborn again


They say when you get older

you have to be ready for change


I wish I could change

change back into that seven year old 

who's only worries were


absolutely nothing...



  • lcmcfadden

    love your work...

  • psychofemale

    thank you so much :)

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