Meet Me In The Spring

Winter is almost over.
Spring is near.
You could not come,
before Winter,
and understandably so.
The weather did not,
permit you.
The cold months,
were beautiful -
the brisk sunrises,
and the snow filled nights.
As it was for you.
Still, it was lonely,
for us both.
I counted the days,
as I watched,
the sun rise and set,
on the frozen lake,
outside of my cabin.
Be that as it may,
I am greatfull,
that God has decided,
to warmed the waters.
Just as the leaves,
are slowly growing back,
on their branches,
so is the hope,
that we will,
see each other soon.
As the temperature,
slowly rises,
I can be optimistic,
that you will,
meet me in the Spring.

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