The Last Time

my music only seems right these days

it molds me into me

never again will I 

let someone's selfish desires stop me from being myself

stop me from doing what I love

how stupid was I to let you take control again

to stop the one thing that kept me sane

it certainly wasn't you

they told me a million times 

and I see it now

your love was making me blind

making me forget what I stood for

but not anymore...


I've rolled the dice in your game

and you always win me over

not this time...

my demons inside will win this war against you

they're crazy, brutal, insane

it's your fault, you made them this way

you put them through it

you put them through hell and now that's all they know


they're fallen angels you see, 

whose halos got lost along the way

along that rough road that leads us back to where we started

every single time


but this time, I'm staying where I am

and I'm not telling you where 

or maybe I will tell you...


it's your turn to give up now, 

it's your turn to feel what I've felt


cause me, I'm standing tall

above your threats and apologies 


cause I'm not, I'm meant NOT

going though this ever




  • Neville

    I seriously hope you feel better having got this off ya chest... seriously enjoyed by me.. cheers... N

  • The Retired Bloke

    Great write. You must feel better now!

  • psychofemale

    yes haha , thanks you all :)

  • Suresh

    Love, an emotion, that leaves us vulnerable

  • psychofemale

    thank you :)

  • psychofemale

    thank you, i am :)

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