Who am I,

What have I been,

Where am I,

Why am I going, and when?


I am a survivor,

I am positive,

I am strong,

I am humble and kind,

I am grateful.


I have been threatened,

I have been spiraling in fear,

I have been isolated,

I have been shaken and with doubt,

I have been ashamed and guilt ridden,



I am here,

And here now,

I am changing and growing,

I am increasing my awareness,

And strengthening boundaries,

I am learning who I am,

And who I continue to become.


I am not going to be perfect,

And I am not going to pretend to just be,

I am not fatalistic but I am going, 

To be free,

And with grace,

And with peace,

And in godspeed, 

This is farewell.


For you now know who I am,

What I have been,

Where I was,

Why I went, and when.


  • Candlewitch

    extremely well composed! brave and strong!

    *hugs, Cat

    • vvnrose

      Thank you for reading and your comments!

    • psychofemale

      such an awesome piece you have here, just good writing.

      • vvnrose

        Thank you!

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