To Those In The World

Woe to those in the world,
who are going against Christ -
not only go against Christ,
but laugh at his name.
You will have,
great sorrow and distress.
Woe to those,
who blaspheme the Lord.
You will perish,
and yet when you call upon the Lord,
it will be to late.
Woe to those,
who persecute God's people.
I weep because,
you do not know,
of the judgement you are bringing,
on yourself.
Yet, soon you will know,
and there will be,
no one weeping for you.
Woe to those,
who are killing those,
for believing in Christ.
You foolish people.
Who has bewitched you,
into your misguided ignorance?
Woe to those who are going,
against the land of Israel.
You who go against God's nation,
will fall heavily.
Woe to those who hate.
For your suffering will be severe.
Your heart will have pains,
as long as you live on this earth.
Woe to the selfish,
who look down upon others.
You spit on and mock the needy.
Know that when,
you go before the Lord,
your money will mean nothing.
You self indulgent people -
Do not think,
that your money will save you.
Woe to you all,
who reject the Lord.
I weep for you only now,
because your deeds,
will not go unpunished.

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